Friday, August 15, 2008

You Guess the Conversation

The boys and I were eating dinner, laughing and telling stories. Here are three quotes from one conversation. These quotes didn't happen all in a row, but over the course of a five-minute conversation about a story that I was telling about Girl Scout camp. Your job is to try to guess what we were talking about (good luck!) or create a story that incorporates all three quotes. So, I'm looking for interactive blogging and commenting here.... Here it goes:

T: "R, it's Red Lobster, not Rock Lobster!"

Me: "Rico's not a beaver, honey."

R: " I'm taking a ride on a camel's back."


Ken said...

Heck if I know. But it sounds like you went to a nice restaurant

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Whoa . . . Girl Scout camp? You gotta be joking! So here's my story:

Once upon a time there were three adventurous campers hiking along a river flowing into the sea. Crawling up onto the shore was a lobster. One hiker shouted "There's a real Rock Lobster!" and his buddy shouted, "No way, dude, it's a Red Lobster, not Rock Lobster! Quick, grab it and we'll cook it for dinner." After dinner they bedded down for the night, and fell into a deep sleep. The lobster must have made them have some kinda weird dream because one camper/hiker was talking in his sleep, saying "Rico's not a beaver, honey. He's a camel. And I'm taking a ride on a camel's back!" Then he rolled over and went sound asleep until he woke up to the sunrise.

The end.

jennavar said...

Ummmm.. let's see, you were walking into one of my favorite restaurants Red Lobster and R started to sing the "Rock Lobster" song and T in such a knowing way said "R... it's uh Red Lobster.. not Rock Lobster.." Then you were talking about singing the "Rocky Raccoon" song around the campfire at girlscout camp and they thought it was about a Beaver named Rico... and then you were talking about Horse Back Riding at your camp and R decided he wants to go to Boy Scout Camp in the Middle East and ride camels and sometime during the conversation you had to sing a song about a red balloon on a long black string! There.. how did I do? Did I win a $500 dollar giftcard to

Middle America Mom said...

If only I was P-Dub, I'd give one of you a gift card for $500 big ones!

grandmaonthelake said...

I'm soooooooooooooo confused....
Did I get this straight?
T ordered the delicious hot cheesie bread at Red Lobster. Being the nice guy he is, he shared some with his bro R.
R was sooooooooooooo happy he stood up on the table & began rockin' away, singing & dancing. Before he knew it he lost his footing & fell into the lobster tank! Yes, he was pinched here, there & everywhere. It hurt soooooooooo bad he thought a beaver bit him while a camel ran over him. R says it was all worth it because the cheesie bread was sooooooooooo good.....YUMO they say!!!!!! xoxoxsillybutfunxoxoxo