Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank You for Playing!

Believe it or not, your stories make more sense that our actual conversation. Here it goes.

The boys were getting ready to go to Cub Scout camp (they left today) so I was telling them Girl Scout camp stories. I went about 7 years in a row, so I had a lot of stories and had 'em laughing and laughing. I got to my CIT year (Counselor in Training) and the boys were a bit giddy. I explained how I had pool duty for most of the camp, including "polar bear swimming" (7 am swimming in a COLD pool) and "water ballet." This is where the crazy story starts....

Me: So my friend Julie and I were in charge of teaching the girls a water ballet. We had never done it before, but we figured we could do it. We picked a song that was popular at the time, "Copa Cabana."

R: You said that you got sunburned, you should have picked "Rock Lobster" (he says with his head banging in that rock-n-roll way.)

T: "R, it's Red Lobster, not Rock Lobster!"

T: Mom, I don't know that song, will you sing it?

Me: Sure, it goes something like, "Her name was Lola, she was a show girl, with diamonds in her hair and a dress cut down to there. His name was Rico, he wore a diamond..." Oh, I don't know all the words, but it was a good song. I finished the story, explaining all the moves that we did. Later on, as R was rinsing the dishes, I heard him singing.

R: "His name was Rico, he was a beaver..."

Me: Rico's not a beaver, honey. (Both boys cracked up.)

R: I'll just sing the song I made up earlier today: "I'm taking a ride on a camel's back."

Crazy conversation, huh? Anyway, I was smiling and loving every minute of it the whole time.


Ken said...

It sure is fun having conversations with your boys. I like both versions.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Too funny for words! I'm sure you had them laughing, too!

So the boys went to Cub Scout camp . . . over-night type of camping? . . . Did their dad go with? . . . or did you have tears rolling down your cheeks watching the bus pull away?

It was fun making up the story, though. Did the boys get to hear them yet?

Middle America Mom said...

The boys left for camp today at noon. Three nights away. M is joined them tonight. They haven't heard your stories yet, but they'll love them! It was fun telling them my stories -- like the first time at camp when I had to write a letter home the first night and I was homesick, so I drew a picture with the sun crying and the trees crying and the mountains crying. You poor thing! I don't think I wrote any more letters that week -- all you had was a really sad letter from your little girl!