Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Would You Do?

While I was at that business meeting two weeks ago, I ran into a sticky situation -- one in which I had to think fast. Here it goes:

I was in the bathroom, getting up from the toilet and the toilet was about to flush (it's one of those automatic flushing ones.) I looked down in the toilet for some reason (I don't know why; I don't usually check out my pee!) and what did I see in the toilet? A pair of glasses! They were beginning to swirl around and around as the toilet was flushing.

What would you do?
In a split second I had these thoughts: "Are those my glasses?" "Somebody's going to miss those glasses." "Those are going to clog the toilet." "It's only pee." I also remembered that girl on the Oprah show who compared the germs in toilets to the germs in ice machines and learned that public toilets are much cleaner and safer than ice machines.

So, you guessed it.... I reached in and grabbed them. I pulled them up, dripping with water and soggy toilet paper. I took them to the sink and washed my arm up really good -- hot, hot water and lots of soap. After my arm and hand were cleaned up, I proceeded to rinse off the glasses as best I could. I decided to leave them on the counter in case the owner came in, remembering that she was in the bathroom when she lost them.

As I was doing this, some women came in the bathroom. I asked them if they recognized the glasses and nobody did. So I went back to my meeting. As I entered the room, I saw one of my colleagues (who had glasses on earlier that day) and asked her if she knew where her glasses were.

"I know right where they are," she said, "they're in the toilet in the bathroom."
I smiled and said "I'm your hero!"
She said, "Oh, I'm never wearing those again. I won't touch them. I'm a huge germophobe. I called the janitor and he's coming to fish them out."

Can you believe it? She didn't go get them. Instead, she went blind for two days, flew home and ordered another pair. I still can't believe it -- it was just pee!


grandmaonthelake said...

Bet she never had a baby son that went wee-wee all over the place. Soap kills bacteria."Germophobe or just plain ....Silly Girl!"
My hats off to you, you are a trooper.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh my gosh! You did exactly what I would have done . . . it's just pee. Did you check out the latest comment on the regatta blog?

A.J. said...

I would have fished them out, and I was never even a mother like you. It's just pee! What is she thinking? And after all your heroic efforts too!

Now, if it had been a toothbrush, like a Seinfelf episode, that would be a different story. But not glasses, for heaven's sake.

A.J. said...

That would be a Seinfeld episode, of course. (I was in a hurry.) But also want to add that it's nice to see Grandma-on-the-lake back, it's been a while!

jennavar said...

I definitely see a Seinfield episode for this incident. I was able to see facial expressions and everything since she told me this story in person! :)

SeattleS said...

This is hysterical! What a let down - thinking you were going to get kudos. Well - you'll get them here!