Saturday, October 20, 2007

Autumn has Arrived

I do love the changing of the seasons. It's a nice way to mark time. We didn't really have that in southern California, where I grew up. The fall colors are beginning to show and it's just gorgeous. Here are the colors that I see every evening when I drive home on my street:
It was cool last weekend, so we had a lovely fire in the fireplace. M read to R and T (and Mackinaw) by the fire -- what a nice, warm sight to see:

My sistah gave me a nice birthday present, full of Fall baking supplies (apple cookie cutter, tiny pie cut outs of an acorn, leaf, and apple; and a leaf and apple pancake forms. This morning we tried out the pancake forms. We finally got the hang of it after a couple of tries. R was the official pancake maker. He was very serious about his job!



CaliforniaGrammy said...

Of course I was delighted to see T sitting with his doggie quilt, and those pancakes are not only beautiful but look oh-so-delicious! Nice job Chef R. Beautiful warm cozy living room picture. Fall is a nice time of year. I hope it lasts long enough to bite a chunk off of winter!

A.J. said...

Oh, but we do have gorgeous fall colors here in Northern California! Spectacular colors driving to and from the coast this weekend!

Love the new pictures here, especially the fire place scene and especially because it includes Mackie! ("She's so cute!" is right!)

And those pancake pictures have me seriously thinking of pancakes at this moment, breakfast time. Beautiful weather here for the folks' visit!

jennavar said...

Ahhh what heartwarming pictures. All of them are. I love the serious pancake maker. Those are some mega pancakes. Very thick.. did they taste yummy?? They look pretty. I love fireplace weather too. It is the best!

Uncle Harold/Aunt Patty said...

Gorgeous fall colors, what a shot! We've had beautiful fall colors here in Big Pine also, with the Aspens all pretty yellow.That fireplace scene looks so cozy,love Makinaw lying there with the boys. Yummy pancakes, what a nice gift from your lil sister. It's so great you two had sister time together.