Friday, September 14, 2007

That's What I like To Read

I opened my email this morning to see this wonderful note from R's teacher:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith,

I just wanted to send you a quick email before I head out the door about R. He is SUCH a wonderful listener. Whenever I have asked the students something from the previous day(s) he knows the "exact"
words that I have used. He is by far one of the best listeners/rule followers in the classroom. Also, he is a very hard worker!

It has been a great two weeks in class. I am very glad that R is in this classroom.

Miss S

Ya gotta love that, right! What a nice teacher, to send a little note like that! (It's nice to see that his wonderful photographic memory is alive and well in the classroom too!)


jennavar said...

What a wonderful note! It sounds like R has a very caring, attentive teacher. Way to go R for being such a good listener and rule follower. You make your Auntie J proud!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

And you make Grammy proud too!
That's an amazing brain you have to remember word for word what was said the day before. Hang on to that skill. As you get older . . . I mean REALLY older, it will especially be such an asset!

What a great teacher to write such a personal note. And what a great era we are living in with the aid of emailing!

Uncle Harold/Aunt Patty said...

And your great auntie P is proud too. That is so great R to have your teacher write such a note. Being a good listener is the very best way to learn, and to remember it all is even better. Keep up the good work!!

A.J. said...

I remember when you told us all a while back how R remembered the exact words from where you left off in your bedtime story! So now his teacher gets to see that too! What a great note she wrote about a really great boy.

Uncle Mikie said...

Oh My How Big Were Getting !!!!