Monday, September 24, 2007

Marshmallows Coming Your Way

M is the Den Master for our Cub Scout pack and we had our first meeting last week. The big activity for the meeting (besides me leading a song for thirty boys and thier parents!) was to make marshmallow shooters. Never heard of them? Well, take a look at these nifty little things. M cut the pvc pipes and together we sorted them and put them into kits for each boy.

Here is T testing out is shooter at the work-table before we headed outside.

Here is R shooting the other team outside.

The boys that were left in the end decided to all attack M (in the middle) :>


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Hmmmm, a Marshmallow Shooter—how fun. Is M protecting his eyes, or did a big fat marshmallow really get him in the face?

And what song did you lead? One of our favorites?

A.J. said...

What a perfect toy gun! And shooting marshmallows, how very sweet and soft. I would like to try that, and I know U. Rick certainly would! Love my little Cub Scouts!

jennavar said...

What a fun activity. I love the look on T's face. Can I stand on the other side with a cup of hot cocoa??