Sunday, September 09, 2007

School Days, School Days

Two boys all ready for the first day of school... T is in first grade and going to all-day school for the first time (taking a lunch and everything.) R is in third grade and in "upper hall" for the first time. I took the morning off to take them to school on the first day. R said, "See ya later mom, I can do this on my own" and took off towards upper hall. My heart broke a tiny bit knowing that he's so big and doesn't need me as much as he used to. I asked T if he wanted me to walk him to his class room or did he want to go by himself. "You can take me there and hold my hand too, it's crowded in here." My heart soared --- yay, I still have one that needs his mommy! I have a feeling that next year, both boys will proudly and bravely walk to their classrooms without me. I guess it's just another step towards their independence, of which there will be many in their lives.


jennavar said...

Ahhh.. that brought tears to my eyes. They are growing up. I'm glad T still wanted you to hold his hand. You have to be proud of R at how comfortable he feels walking up all by himself.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Love the "sunny" smiles ready for their first day. I'm like your sister . . . a bit teary-eyed. But you're right in that there will be many many 'first' steps toward independence —clear up to the time they get married and have kids of their own! They are growing up so fast. R's general stature shows what a big kid he's becoming. I love'em so much!

"It's crowded in here" — that's just adorable, not that he was a bit intimidated at all, just didn't like the crowd!

Great post S-Sue!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

BTW- I just love your choice of flowers and the way your flowers are planted . . . such a free and country feeling.

A.J. said...

Oh those little schoolboys are so darn cute. And R's confidence just reflects his good parenting.

My favorite part of the picture is R's green Crocs!

And I love T's quote too.

Uncle Harold/Aunt Patty said...

Really nice picture of those boys, your house and flower garden. Yep! that R is maturing nicely, just like the well adjusted boy he is. That lil T is so darn cute, it'll be so fun watching them both grow up. So glad to be back in the comments again, after getting messed up with another blog, this is the way it let me back in. Love you guys, great auntie P