Monday, May 21, 2007

Man of Many Talents

My husband is a man who can do most anything. As a matter of fact, my boss at the ad agency where we met used to call him "the man who knows everything." As in "call that man who knows everything and see if he has a solution to this problem."

So, that same man decided that paying ten bucks to get the boys' hair cut each time was silly, especially if they got crew cuts (which is an easy cut). Yep, he bought a clipper kit and gave them cuts tonight.

R wanted a mohawk and T wanted a crew cut.

Here is R's "before picture" with his cowlicks in full glory.

M is working hard at keeping the hair in the middle of R's head long for the mohawk.

And, the "after" picture -- R is so proud! He says that he looks like a rock star!

T's before picture -- his hair grows super fast, just like his mom's.

He did a good job of holding still for M, even when it tickled.

He is also very happy with his cut. He keeps rubbing it and saying how soft it is.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Whoa ... I was scared to scroll down to see R with a mohawk! But leaving the hair on the sides helped and he, indeed, does look like a rock star! And T's looks great ... I wish I could rub my hand over it to feel the Soft Soft hair. Great pictures, I love to see those grandsons growing up so fast right before my eyes 3000 miles away!

jennavar said...

Ahh what great pictures. It is fun to do and saving some money is always a bonus. P took over this task for me. He does his hair too and I finish it up in the back. Some look really good and some are okay. It takes some time to get used to the blades. It will be perfect for the summer time. I love the soft soft hair comment. He sure likes the texture of things huh. Too cute.