Sunday, May 27, 2007

Camping for Mother's Day

I know it's weeks late, but here is my second post about our Mother's Day. M asked me in February if I thought that it would be too cold to camp on Mother's Day; I told him that it would be great -- we have a heater and lots of warm blankets if it was cold. He knows that I LOVE to camp (been doing it all of my life.) With summers beeing relatively short here (compared to So Cal where I grew up) we end up having really busy summer weekends and have only camped twice each summer that we've been here. M and I figured that we could get a weekend of camping early and maybe we'd get to camp more this summer. So, after one of the busiest weeks in our household, we (meaning M) got the camper all ready to go. I went shopping and packed my and the kids' clothes. There are tons of places to camp within a mile of our house. We figured that we might as well go to one of them, since it would be too cold to swim in "the lake" (which is where we usually go camping in the summer time. We found a nice family-owned camp ground that has "day campers" as well as "seasonal campers". We took the truck (that's another story -- we have a truck) and M secured all four of our bikes in the bed of the truck.

What fun we had!! Campfires with S'mores, bike riding, playing on the beach, playing catch with a baseball and mitts, playing chicken feet dominos, and walking to the camp store for ice cream. Lots of good memories were made that weekend.
One of the best parts for me was on Mother's Day. I slept in while "the boys" made breakfast and set a pretty table. Here is M cooking an amazing breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausages, corn beef hash (for M) and muffins.
Here's M's system for keeping the sausage and hash warm while cooking the pancakes -- it worked really well.

What a beautiful table I saw when I came out of the camper. The boys set it while M cooked.

A close up of the presents and flower that was on the table.

The boys and M insisted that I sit and read while they did the dishes :>

R, looking pretty happy and serene at the campfire. (We had to start the campfires when it was still light out. The sun is setting after 9pm here, which is waaayy too late to start a campfire with boys who are supposed to go to bed at 8pm! I think we got them to bed by about 9:15 both nights that we camped)

On Mother's Day, we rented kayaks and had a wonderful time kayaking down the river. We had two-seater kayaks; I had R with me and M had T with him. It was a really nice two hours spent on the river.

What a great weekend!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Is this the new mid-western Mother's Day tradition? Could be! What a great walk-us-through-the-weekend blog and good pictures, too. I know how busy your summers get with all the scheduled sailing so I'm glad you got to get a bit of camping in to start the season off. Didn't know about a new truck! Where do you park it?

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Just wanted to comment one more time to tell you what a nice camping set up you have . . . fancier than what you experienced in your childhood! I'm glad we all have the great memories from those times . . . "I You-lu-loose to Play-lay-lay on My-lie-lie Banjo-low-low . . ."

jennavar said...

Sounds like a fun time. What a happy looking table. I'm glad you got a camping trip in early.

SeattleS said...

Wow! Californiagrammy is right - that is definitely a sweet setup. I loved the bee-yootiful table with the cards and present and flower. What fun!