Monday, May 07, 2007

In the 70's

We spent most of the weekend in the yard -- weeding, tilling, mowing, weeding, weeding, and more weeding. I planted some window boxes with hearty pansies a couple of weeks ago. We bought a bunch of flowers and were ready to plant when we learned that we are supposed to have a frost tomorrow night. "They say" to "never plant before Mother's Day" here. I was going to risk it until I learned of the frost. Argh! So, tomorrow night, we'll fill the kitchen table with all of the snapdragons, dalias, delphiniums, black-eyed susans, and hydrangea that I bought and cart them outside after the frost. I can't wait to get everything in the ground. I love to have beautiful flowers! Then, the vegetable garden...

Here's a poem that R wrote in school about Spring:

In the Spring you can ride a bike
Sometimes you can take a hike
Flowers are blooming everywhere
For everybody to share


jennavar said...

Yeah 70's! It will be so fun to have lots of pretty flowers. It has been really gorgeous here too. I love this time of year. It did get pretty warm today though high 80's. Supposed to go back to 70's later this week. I too need to weed. That seems like a never ending process. Sort of like laundry with not quite the pretty results.

R.. I love the poem bud! VERY NICE>

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Flowers are a GOOD thing, that's for sure! They are so worth the effort of planting and caring for them. Right now it's 90.3 outside and 91.4 inside . . . hmmmmm . . . time for the air-conditioner?

I love the poem and the fact that flowers are blooming to share with everybody, love that sweet boy!