Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Beginnings

T and R started school today. T started kindergarten ( I know, I can't believe it either!) and R started 2nd grade. I took the day off so that I could see them off to their new classes. R starts at 8:09 (mind you, it's not 8:00, not 8:15, and not even 8:10, but it is 8:09). The parking lot was mayhem, so M and T stayed in the car, while I took R in.

We had to walk through the parking lot and I have a you-must-hold-my-hand-in-the-parking-lot rule, so R grabbed my hand. After we crossed the parking lot and started seeing some other "big" kids, he looked at me and pulled his hand away a bit. I said, "you don't have to hold my hand here if you don't want to." He gave me a little smile and a nod and held on to my hand firmly. As we walked into the foyer of the school, we saw two kids from hockey and cub scouts... Hmmm, I thought, what will happen now with the holding-hand thing? He looked up at me with a little smile as he pulled his hand out of mine, and said "Hey, Andrew, Hey Zach!" We all chatted a bit about the summer while we waited for the principal to let us in the hallway. As soon as she let us in and we joined the crush of people, R grabbed my hand again as he strolled past his old kindergarten and first grade classes, confidently saying Hi to his teachers of years gone by. He's a big kid now, my boy. (But he still needs his mom.)

After school, I asked how it went. "It was great. I love it. I can't wait to go back tomorrow!"

That's what I like to hear....

More tomorrow about T's big day at kindergarten.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Sweet story about my grandson growing up . . . he'll always need you for something, even if it's just for a "Hi Mom, I love you, give me a hug" kind of moment. I love the grabbing your hand after he said the big "hey" to his buddies . . . and I love acting way cool saying hi to his "old" teachers . . . he IS growing up so fast!

gramonthelake said...

R & T must have been very happy their Mom was with them on the 1st day of school. Don't worry S, your son's special smiles will always be there for you. Also, you never stop being Mom, no matter how much they grow up. Second grade, Big Man on Campus...almost. Thrilled R loves going to school. What wonderful things he'll be learning this year.
Can't wait to hear how T did his first day in kindergarden.xoxoxo

v-party of five said...

Ahhhh... tearing up here. What a great post. Such a big boy! I can't wait to hear about T's big day in Kindergarten. We both teared up taking C on his first day. Didn't think that would happen but sure enough both of us had tears streaming down our cheeks under our sunglasses.