Monday, September 11, 2006

Thoughts from T

T had just finished his skating practice (he doesn't go to hockey practice because he says that he doesn't like hockey -- but he does go to skating practice...which just happens to be hockey practice for everybody else except him.) So, we were sitting in the bleachers watching R at his hockey practice (he loves everything about hockey) and T said to me out of the blue with his cute little smile and his loving eyes with the beautiful long lashes:

T: Mom, you're the best mom any boy could ever have.
Me: Oh, thank you T; your a great son too.
T: Well, that's because you're such a good mom.
Me: Ahhh, thanks T. You are such a good son.
T: You deserve it mom.
In the car on the way home from practice, T said:
T: We learned all sorts of things about the letter "A", mom. Things I never knew before!
Me: What did you learn?
T: So many that "A" makes two kinds of sounds -- a long sound and a short sound. And lots of words start with "A" and lots of more things that I can't even think about now.
Me: That's pretty great, T. Mrs. Edwards is a great teacher.
T: She's the best kindergarten teacher I've ever had!
At dinner tonight, T said something that makes me wonder if he gets a finder's fee or something:

T:Mom, don't you hate it when you try to fit everything in your closet and you can't fit it all?
Me: I suppose, but I have a nice big closet now.
T: Well, you can have even more room in that closet for the low price of 19.99.
Me: Really?
T: Yeah, you can buy this thing that you hook up to an ordinary vacume...and they'll give you two large bags, three medium bags, and one extra large bag absolutely free! Can you believe it? It's not available in stores, though.
Me: That sounds pretty cool, T
T: Yeah, are you going to get it. It is a low price....
Me: I'll have to think about it


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh S, you tell such good stories. That T just cracks me up! His fabulous little mind just goes a mile a minute . . . how do you keep up so well? I love the punch lines on each one of these vinettes . . . "She's the best kindergarten teacher I've ever had!" "It's a good price!" and "You deserve it!" Soooooo hilarious! I'm glad you're blogging them, too. Because you know that as you get older you just don't retain everything like when you were young! I'm sure you were just as adorable— I just can't remember! Tee Hee!

gramonthelake said...

Soooo adorable...
Soooo like his dad!
Especially the TV gadjet part.
Like grandma #1, thrilled you are blogging these precious moments in time because you'll always treasure them. Thanks for refreshing our memories of our sons as well. T is a thinker & a talker for sure. What a guy, we love him too! xoxoxoG&G

v-party of five said...

Ahhh ha ha ha. Too funny. Kids indeed say the darndest things. Love the stories. Cracking up here!

GreatAuntieP said...

Surelove these little stories! Good to be back in the loop. Will send my new address when I figure out this new program.