Wednesday, July 26, 2006

On the Island Now

I just discovered an internet cafe here on Mackinac Island and thought I'd let you know what's going on. M got in on Monday morning at about 9:00. We think that his boat got 4th place for the fleet, which is pretty good! I wanted to call some of you and let you know he was in, but I have a new work cell phone and don't have all of my personal numbers in it yet!

We've done lots of fun things on the island and have eaten lots of good food -- including ice cream and fudge, of course. We're going to the Mainland today and will head up into the UP (Upper Peninsula) for a bit. M will go on over to Wisconcin and for two more races next weekend and the boys and I will head home on Friday. I'll blog more then!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a fun vacation you are having! Ice cream and fudge . . . can't beat that . . . can't wait to see some pictures. We followed the race every half hour so we stayed with M the whole way . . . until the finish, of course. So proud of the Pororoca. Again, can't wait to hear the stories of the actual race on his boat.

gramonthelake said...

"Fudgies", so the Islanders call us! My mom would be thilled to know you are they're with your boys & that M is racing with her son, B. She's the one that started ALL of this many, many years ago. We were so happy to hear M & D arrived safley. It can be a very difficult race. I was looking for your calls...glad you explained.

v-party of five said...

Yeah Mike! Yummy Fudge!! Sounds like lots of fun!!!