Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good Fall Fun

T is dressed for winter even though it's just fall(dressed himself, of course) to show grammie and papa the "nature trail" that M blazed with his lawn tractor through the field just past our woods. The boys love to go out and get "lost," each with a walkie talkie in hand. They communicate with each other to find thier way. Good fun.

Below, you see a proud R. He designed this vampire jack-o-lantern, which M drew and grammie helped cut out. Notice the sharp fangs, which every good vampire must have.


A.J. said...

Cute cute cute! I've been looking for a new blog from you, 'cause I've been missing those boys! Those pics always bring a smile to my face.

It's the peak of fall around here, so gorgeous! I love it. Made some soup, and now I'm going to make a little fire in the fireplace.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

That R was oh-so-proud-man of his vampire jack-o-lantern! I'd forgotten how hard it is to carve a pumpkin . . . I think that's why we didn't do much of that with our kids . . . usually told them we just didn't have the time and they seemed to be okay with that . . . lucky us! But it was sure fun to help this generation in that time-consuming task when we now have the "time!" What a fun time we had!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

And what a fun time T spent with us on the newly formed nature trail - beautiful - and amazing you can't even see the house once you get out into those gorgeous woods. He was pretty darn precious getting his winter clothes on - however he insisted he wasn't in his winter clothes "because it's not winter or snowing!"

gramonthelake said...

What a darling picture of R & his Grammie. They both look sooo proud of that scary pumpkin. Tommy, what a cool FALL outfit you put together. Hum, wonder if Calvin Cline dressed himself at Tom's age? I L.O.L, can hardly wait to see his winter outfit. xxoxoGOTL