Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November in a Nutshell - H1N1 Attack and a New Sport

That H1N1 virus grabbed a hold of my family. Everyone except T got it. R had it for four days; I had it for 7 days; and M had it forever, then got pneumonia plus another virus on top of that. He's been sick for five weeks. M was feeling a bit better last Saturday -- he was almost like himself. He was so excited to feel better that he volunteered with the Cub Scouts and went to church with us. It was great! The bummer was that the next day, he felt totally cruddy again! So, he's recouping again and will hopefully feel better soon!

R is having fun with hockey and has his first game on Saturday. Hopefully he can play. You see, the poor boy has a sore back. His back has been hurting on and off for about eight months or so. We've been taking him to a chiropractor for three months now. X-rays show a misalignment in his lower-middle back and his neck. His neck is a lot better and we expected to see progress on his back by now. He was in so much pain yesterday that he was in tears when M picked him up from school. So, we kept him home from school today, got him a massage and adjustment. He also has a MRI appointment on Friday and an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow. We need a referral from the pediatrician to see a specialist, so we're getting that going. Please keep this poor boy in your prayers.

It isn't ALL pain and sickness, though. About four weeks ago, both boys were honored at school. They each, individually, were given the Moral Focus Award for the month by their teachers. Each teacher gives one award per month. This month's moral focus is Wisdom. I'm so proud of them! Also, we had parent-teacher night and saw that both boys are getting nearly all A's (one B each.) Not bad at all! All that we ask is that they do their best in school. And they definitely are doing their best.

Another new thing going on in our house is that T has a new sport. He's taken up lacrosse. I know, strange sport. The only thing that I associated with lacrosse before a month ago was the polo shirts! He has practice every Thursday and loves it! Here he is all in his gear, giving me a fashion show in the kitchen.

I don't know if you've ever seen lacrosse in action, but it's quite physical...almost like football, but with sticks. I can assure you that I didn't realize the physicality of the sport before we signed him up for it. I pictured something that sophisticated, rich people played, after which they had a spot of tea. Anyway, he's just learning the skills right now -- like how to catch a ball with a basket on the end of a stick. He loves it!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Terrible news about Mike being sick for five weeks? Geeze! What a dad-gum bummer . . . amaze-able!

Lacrosse? Who woulda guessed kids played lacrosse? But T certainly looks like he's liking it! Is it as dangerous as football, ie? do they tackle with sticks (with baskets on the end) in their hands . . . I can't picture the sport at all. Methinks I'll have to Google it! But I'm so glad he's liking it.

And how oh-so-proud-man we are of their awards at school. Kinda cool they were both awarded in the same month!

jennavar said...

Man such a bummer about the run of the flu in your household. Doesn't it seem that it steals away time too. Having it already be in the middle of November is crazy. I hope M gets to feeling like himself again soon. Poor boy.

I'm also sorry to hear about R's back. He seems too young to be having that kind of back pain. Poor thing, I hope that the MRI will be able to clear up what kind of course to take for recovery so he can play again. He will definitely be in my prayers.

Great news about the Moral Focus Award for both of them. How neat that it was at the same time. I can't wait to hear more about Lacrosse. That is one sport I don't know much about. Can't wait to hear more.

Good hearing the update, can't wait to see you all next month. Love you lots!

Aunt Patty said...

Hope M is on the mend for good now, sorry to hear he was down so long. Certainly will keep R in our prayers, for accurate diagnosis and complete healing. What a wonderful thing for both boys to get an award for Wisdom, which is the best!! I'm so proud man!!! I'm like J.E. , will have to look up Lacrosse, don't think I've ever seen it, but it looks pretty fierce if they all look like T in that picture!! Nice to have him loving a sport though. The good think about being sick in November is that by December, you will have good immunity built up!!