Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dances With Squirrels

There are a few things that really drive our dog crazy. Specifically, I'm talking about the Lady with the Schnauzer (or probably just the Schnauzer itself) who walks past our house four times a day (twice up and twice back); then there are the deer; and finally, in the Fall, her arch-rivals, the squirrels.
Mackie's gotten a bit used to the deer. After all, they are in our yard nearly daily and definitely nightly. If they get really close, she runs back and forth from one window to the next. But, in general, she realizes that they are a part of her life. They are here to stay.

The annual surprise are the squirrels. They show up mid-October and scour our backyard for nuts (I suppose) and anything else that they can hide away for the winter. These animals drive our dog CRAZY. She stands at the window and whines. She moves her feet up and down, back and forth, trying to magically get through the window.

If we let her out the door, she rushes down the stairs of the deck and onto the lawn. She always thinks that she has a chance. She's so busy rushing out that she doesn't see that they are out of the backyard before she even gets onto the deck. When she gets outside and sees that they aren't there, she sniffs around and follows their tracks throughout the yard.

I wonder what she plans on doing if she catches them? Bite them? Play with them? Run around with them? Or maybe she wants to show them her little dance that she practices at the window?


jennavar said...

I love the picture of Mackie! What a sweet looking dog. I really wished that I had the gift of Dr. Doolittle and could talk or at least understand what the animals were saying and thinking. Murray is going through some issues right now and I really wish I could help him through this. I would love to see her little dance :0

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Are you kidding . . . she'd rip'em apart! But, not to worry, she'll never get one. She's such a purdeeee doggie!

A.J. said...

Oh, thank you so much for blogging about Mackie! I just love that adorable dog. I've been asking for a blog about Mackie for quite some time, and this is a really good one.
Our Annabelle was quite obsessed with squirrels also. One time she saw one go in a PVC pipe, so EVERY time she saw a pipe after that, she would position herself at the end and listen and wait.
I have a feeling "she'd rip'em apart" might not be far from the truth. But they are really hard to catch.

We love the Mackie stories! And look what it did for the guy who wrote articles about his dog Marley.

Aunt Patty said...

What a darling dog that Mackie is, and looks like a very sweet obedient dog also. This story made me remember how if you said "squirrel" to Annabel she'd look up in the tree and be on the alert- I think is the way it goes. Probably a good thing she can't catch them, or like Uncle Bill used to say, "This ain't gonna be pretty". Nice for Mackie to have all the entertainment what with the deer, the Daschund, and the squirrels. Glad to hear about this cute doggie.