Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Notes from the Boys

I was showered with gifts (flowers, homemade cards, Wii Fit, cupcake carrier) and cards for mother's days. Below are the notes that R and T wrote me at school.

My mom is special because she helps me with my home work, she is nice, she buys me clothes, she takes me places, she helps when I'm sick, she makes me meals, she gives me chores, she keeps me safe, and she loves me.

R's was a fill in the blank:
My mom is special because...she helps with homework and cooks great meals.
I like it when my Mom...cooks, she has the best chocolate croissants.
My mom can do many things. I think she's best at...helping. From homework to chores, mom's the best!
My mom has a pretty smile. I like to make her smile by...making a joke.
My mom is as pretty as a...tulip.
My mom is smart. She even knows...advanced algebra.
I 'd like to tell my mom...that I love her and want to thank her.

Ahhhh...I love my boys!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Happy Mother's Day to my daughter who's pretty as a tulip, and one who is so smart that she even knows advanced algebra! Now how precious is that. And you even made it to the top of "my" favorite blog list. WooHoooO!

jennavar said...

Ahhh how sweet are those cards. Happy Mothers Day to a great mom with two very special boys.

A.J. said...

Wow, your heart is so filled! You sure had a great Mother's Day, you couldn't have asked for anything better, that's for sure! Those notes are keepsakes!