Sunday, May 03, 2009

Building a Bridge

R has to build a bridge that exists or has existed in the state where we live. He didn't want to take on a bridge that is too big or complicated, but he did want to make his bridge realistic. M remembered that there is a park near our house that has some historic bridges there (that have been relocated from their original sites when they were upgraded.) So, I helped R Google the park and we saw five great bridges from which to chose. He chose a bridge that was built in 1892 that was over a river two towns away.

R and M printed pictures from the Internet to use as a template and began to build. I was surprised to see that graph paper was not involved in the building of this bridge. But, as R pointed out, he had a picture right in front of him and didn't need the graph paper.

R used the pneumatic nailer and wood glue to adhere the bottom of the base to the top of the base. He also glued all of the pieces together and painted the whole thing.

Here it is in pictures:

I realized midway through the project that I hadn't taken any pictures.

R got very good at using the Gorilla Wood Super Glue, which is great for this project because it dries fast.

He just has to hold the piece of wood in place for a few seconds before it takes hold.

Gluing a bridge is very hard takes lots of concentration.

You have to hold your mouth just right.

It's also hazardous to your hands. R says that he'll be picking the glue off his hands when he's a teenager.

Here is the finished bridge, all painted and ready to take to school.

R proudly shows off his bridge. (Note: Bad idea to take a picture of a boy in a red chair wearing a red shirt holding a red bridge.)

R stands on the actual bridge at the park. I have no idea why his hands are in the air -- did I accidentally say "stick em up" instead of "say cheese?"


jennavar said...

Great job R! I love the way the bridge turned out. It looks really realistic... (say that five times real fast!).

CaliforniaGrammy said...

It does, indeed, look really realistic! You picked out a beautiful bridge to duplicate, and did a fine job its replication, R. Good luck in picking off the glue, but what an awesome glue to use . . . no waiting long for it to dry. I love witnessing your creativity.