Saturday, March 07, 2009

T Turns Eight

Here's a summary of T's eigth birthday party:

My dad taught me that you should have an activity for the guests to do when they arrive. I had three: 1) sign T's cast, 2) Decorate T's walker, and 3) Guess how many candies were in a jar. Here are some kids decorating T's walker.

M added his own ice breaker game -- decorate Mr. Smith, which the kids loved! As you can see, M seemed to enjoy it too.
Then the kids made their own pizzas and then ate them. They loved having the independence to choose what went on their pizzas. We played "hot potato" with it. M made sure that all of the kids got prizes by the end of the game.

T got an ice cream ball for his birthday from Grandma on the Lake -- you put in the cream, sugar, and other ingredients, then roll it around for 20 minutes to make ice cream. M ran this game with five of the kids while I helped the other five make fleece scarves.

I didn't get pictures of the scarf making in action, but here are all of the kids with their scarves. There are all a bit crazy -- see R in the back? Crazy kids.

T had help blowing out his candles from his best friend, J. The cake was a delicous ending to a fun party.


Ken said...

What a great party! It looks like everyone had fun. But then I would expect it to be great with you two planning it. Happy Birthday "T".

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I wish I were there to make the scarves and decorate the walker! What a fun fun party. I love the first picture of the female guest working very hard on the decorating of the walker and the two boys totally fascinated with something near the TV . . . what would that be?

Aunt Patty said...

Happy Belated Birthday dear T. It sure looks like a great party you had, with so many different fun things to do. Eight years old?? Oh my gosh!!! No wonder you look so big.

jennavar said...

I love good ole' at home parties. I think the kids have a lot of funs. Your party looked like it was loads of fun. Very neat activities. I love all the smiles!

A.J. said...

WOW, what a fun party!!!! Glad we could all see the activities and the smiles and the FUN! T is a lucky boy, and still I can hardly believe he's eight.

grandmaonthelake said...

Love seeing the party pictures. All those smiles makes me think T had the best party ever.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xo grandma
(8 hugs/kisses & 1 hug/kiss for good luck)