Monday, May 08, 2006

A Walk in the Park

We went to GramontheLake's house this weekend so that the big boys (M, his brother, and dad) could start building Gram's deck. It was a big job just to get started -- including moving a deck's worth of wood from the front yard to the back yard and sorting it by type of lumber (support beams, stairs, railing...).

While the Big Boys were doing this manual labor, Gram, R, T and I played. R and T went to the park with Gram on Saturday and again with me on Sunday.

I was very impressed with the boys' social skills -- how the boys made new friends and how nice to them they were. For example, R met a boy (age 7) named Michael. Upon hearing his name, R said "Hey, my dad's name is Michael. That's a nice name." R suggested that they play tag, which they did for awhile. Then Michael said, "I don't want to play this anymore." R said, "Okay, what to do you want to play." Then they played a new game. R was so friendly and amiable. Made his mama proud.

T also made a new friend, a little 5-year old girl named Madison. He joked around that she was in his class because he has a girl with the same name in his class. She was cracking up as he was saying "are you in my class?" and "'re not in my class, but you ARE in my class." Anyway, it was nice to see him so friendly (he has the potential to be so NOT friendly at times.)


R and T were just having a discussion during bath time. Subject: Whether or not you can stop the world (a good example of the philisophical debates that they often have). So, after their bath, they asked their closest resident expert, me.

R & T: Mom, can you stop the world?

Me: No, I don't think you can.

T: I told you so, R.

R: We'l, actually mom, I do know of a way that you can stop the world. Well, destroy it actually.

Me: What is it?

R: Well, first you have to get one of those really big pogo-sticks. You know, the REALLY BIG ones. Then, you go into outerspace and start jumping towards the sun. And, well, you stab the sun and it burns up and goes away. If you don't have the sun, you don't have the world.

Me: Hmmm. If you jump towards the sun, you'll probably get burned up and won't be able to finish the job.

R: Well, you just start at the planet to the left of the sun and you'll be okay.

T: Oh, now I get it.

I'm glad he gets it........


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Sounds like a productive weekend. Did they get a good start on the building of the deck? Fun hearing about the social skills of my two grandsons. They've been raised with good manners.

Now the stopping the world conversation was a challenge to understand. I'm glad R gets it too, that's what's important!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

After a good cup of coffee this morning I re-read the wiping-out-the-earth story and realize that it is T that "gets it!" Whew! As long as T gets it, all is well with the world (as long as it is still here, anyway)!

gramonthelake said...

Huh,Stop the world? Isn't that an old, old song? Where did they come up with that? What Smarty Pants, those boys are. xoxogramonthelake

gramonthelake said...

What a fun weekend! First a Cinco de Mayo party-with home made Flan- Friday night, a Derby party-the boys made horses on sticks-on Saturday afternoon and a Grandma/Mothers Day celebration at the Crab Shack on Sunday. Besides all these celebrations...D, M, & D worked very hard building our deck. What a great start. They also launched our boat in the lake. Thanks to D, M & D for all their hard work. Opps...I just remembered...we also fished. Each boy caught a nice sized Sun Fish using a nightcrawler gram dug up with them. Mom & J went shopping & out for lunch. The adults played Peg & Jokers as well...Just love my game californiagrammy made. Can't believe we did all of this in just 1 weekend. Yes, there's a big smile on my face. xoxoxgramonthelake

A.J. said...

Oh that T, sounds like he was enjoying a little flirting! If I were little Madison, I'd be head over heals!

A.J. said...

Make that heels, I think!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I just had to leave another comment. Seems like your fans talk to you in "twos" so I had to break that one! Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your adorable family . . . do something fun! fun! fun!

GreatAuntieP said...

These are my very favorite blog stories, the conversations. What a mind that R has, "stabbing the sun" would "put it out" and "just go to the planet on the left". Got me thinking what planet would that be? He did have a good point about that certainly would stop the world, if you "put the sun out" I love it! So good that T "gets it"!

v-party of five said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! I can just see T's face when he was talking to Madison (sort of with a scrunched up nose right??).

Too funny the conversation in the bathtub. What an imagination. Maybe he will invent a rocket launched pogo stick some day...