Sunday, January 22, 2006

Been Too Long

This is the first weekend since before Thanksgiving that I have felt healthy. Bummer, huh. Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I got really sick on Christmas night. Can't get out of bed for three days sick. But, I had to get out of bed...and get packed up....and get on a plane...and get home. I was so stuffed up that no drugs could get me to breathe out of my nose for ten days. I was so congested that I took Nyquil each night for fifteen nights. Crazy. On the weekends, it was all I could do to get out of bed and made something for the family to eat, then take a three hour nap, then get up and make something for the family to eat, and get back into bed. As a matter of fact, I have been so tired for the past three weeks, that more than once, I fell asleep at my desk for few minutes...which is dangerous when you work in a cubicle and all the world can walk by and see you.

But now I'm better. I saw my doctor last week and he suspects that I started with a virus and it hung on because of allergies. Allergies in the dead of winter? I asked. Yep. Mold allergies. Great. So now I'm back on all the allergy meds that I only thought I'd have to take in Spring and Fall. I'll probably end up taking them every day all year as long as I live in this fine Midwestern state, which I plan on doing for a very long time. As a matter of fact, the doctor said, Welcome to this fine-Midwestern-state (except he just said the state name.)

But now I'm better. And I did eight loads of laundry today. And baked a cake to celebrate Uncle D's college graduation. And made two loaves of delicious yogurt herb cake (but I did that yesterday.)

Uncle D is here to help M work on my room in the basement. I'm SSOOOOO excited! They have the walls up, taped, mudded, and painted! Right now, as we speak, they are putting in a ceiling! Oh boy!

R and D are also heathy these days. R still has that residual cough, but he's tons better. T's pretty good except for a big bruise by his upper lip where he ran into the door knob going down into the basement. R was in front of him and didn't know that T was behind him, so R closed the door behind him and T walked into the door. The knob just happens to be at lip level. Poor guy. I can't wait to hear what the teachers say.

I gotta go and fold some more laundry. Just wanted ya'll to know that I'm feeling a lot better.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Yeaaaaaaaaay! You're feeling better! I was so excited when I saw you had a new posting! Yet, this California Grammy can't figure out why "they" don't get rid of the mold that causes the alergy rather than treat the alergy! Seems to me that a washing down with Clorox bleach otta to the trick!

Poor T . . . I can just picture that fat little lip! Kisses from Grammy! And what great news that R is up and about . . . is that cough an alergy?

And what greater news the ceiling is up in the craft room. Can't wait to play in that room!

Love you all!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

And . . . congratulations Uncle D for graduating! Wow, that's a real accomplishment!

GreatAuntieP said...

What are you taking for allergies?I'm so sorry you were so sick for so long. H and I were also sick for 3 weeks, sick for 1 week than a relapse even though I wasn't working and getting plenty of rest. What a nasty virus that was. We both had flu shots too. Poor lil T with that boo-boo over his lip. He still looks handsome though. Pretty exciting with your new room in the basement. Glad your back to blogging. I really missed it. P.S. Bet R felt really bad when he saw T's lip!

SeattleS said...

Oh S - I'm glad you are feeling better. What a long stretch to feel poorly! Isn't it nice when you have the energy to do all of those things you (probably) had been wishing you could do? I always feel better when I can actually do the laundry, instead of just looking at it.

gramonthelake said...

YES! Feeling Good! YES!
Sending hugs & kisses to T.
It hurts me just to look at his lip. Can't imagine how much it hurt him. Grandpa Z would say, "It makes him look tuff!" Yes, that was the old days, hum. Poor R, bet he felt terrible for being the cause. Grammy CA, I believe the mold is in the air from rotting leaves laying in gutters, forest & etc. Now that would take a lot of Clorox.
Enjoyed the pictures, what gorgeous children. You are truley blessed!