Monday, January 30, 2006

An "Apology"

Yesterday we were cleaning out the boys' dressers and replacing them with some hand-me-down dressers that M refitted/re-enforced. While we were doing this, I was supervising the boys in thier dismal effort to put away the non-clothes things that somehow ended up in their dresser (ie Valentine candy from last year, multiple match box cars, dog stuffed animals, and a variety of legos.) At some point during this task, T decided that he didn't want to participate anymore. So he began pouting and harumping at me. I spoke to him sternly and told him that I didn't like his bad attitude and he better change it or else he was going to bed right now. He finally shaped up, but not without a fight.

Fast forward to dinner time, two hours later.

After dinner, when it was just T and me at the table (as it often ends up at night because he is such a slow eater and I excuse everyone else), T said to me: "Mom, I'm sorry about the attitude 'situation'" earlier today. As he said "situation" he raised his little hands up to either side of his head, put two fingers out on each hand, and made the universal quotation marks sign. He's not even five yet! How did he learn about the universal quotation sign? Too funny!!

I was good and didn't even laugh. I told him that I was glad he was sorry and I accepted his apology.

You bet I laughed my butt off when I recalled the story to M!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

"SITUATION" Now that's way too funny! I just love that little, oops—I mean adorable kid! He's so amazing at his use of his vocabulary. And what a vocabulary he has. Now WHERE DID HE learn universal quotation marks? I bet you really had to hold the chuckles inside 'til your belly hurt! Great story!

GreatAuntieP said...

I bet you really had to work at not reacting with smiles and laughter. How sweet he apologized for his "attitude". It sure shows he was thinking about it. Does R do the universal quotation thing? Or M? And "situation"? Pretty smart little guy he is!

Middle America Mom said...

As I think of it, R also does the "universal quotation mark" also. He does it every now and then too. So, I guess that T got the sign from him. Too funny...