Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Catching Up with the Boys and Patch

It’s been over a week. I only have a minute to blog, so here is the executive summary of the past week:
- Planted the pansies on Saturday – and promptly brought them in the house on Sunday night because of the state-wide freeze warning.

- R is getting in his 6-year old molar…I didn’t know there were 6-year old molars!

- Overheard from R while he was playing playdough with T, “It’s a beautiful sunny day here in playdough land.” (It was raining outside – I like his imagination, or was it wishful thinking?

- Mackinaw is in heat. She’s only 6 months old! She’s wearing a denim doggie diaper around the house.

- Overheard from T the other day, “R stop being so mean to me. That’s not fair. Patch doesn’t like it when you’re mean to me.” (Patch is T’s beloved stuffed puppy, who has gotten quite involved in T’s life lately. Read on for more about Patch,)

- T said to me the other day,
T:“Mom, Patch says that I need to eat more plums.”
I replied, “well, honey, you’ve had two plums with your lunch. That’s enough for today.”
T: “But mom, Patch says I NEED more!”
Me: “Patch isn’t the boss, honey. You’ve had enough plums for one lunch.”
T: sigh, “Mom, Patch IS the boss of my work.”
Me: “I didn’t know you work.”
T: “That’s because you’re not the boss of my work, Patch is.”


CaliforniaGrammy said...

I think Patch needs to go to "Mommy School" because every mom knows that too many plums make you poop (according to Auntie Jen)!

uncle mikie said...

Sandy we missed you guys on mothers day, hope you had a good one, Love you guys. Mikie