Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Their First Tie

T has wanted to wear a tie for a holiday for a couple of years now. I've held him off, because I'm not a fan of dressing up little boys like little adults. But I figured that he was old enough now to know what he wants and he does love to dress up. I picked him up a tie when I bought his new Easter shirt. I also picked a second tie up in case R wanted to wear one. I figured that if R didn't want to wear one, T could have two. When I asked R if he wanted to wear a tie, he nodded his head in the cool-guy way and said, "sure, that'd be okay."

M helped R put his tie on first because he was ready first. To get the right perspective, M has to stand behind the boy and then can get in the front to straighten it out.

Here is the proud boy, with his hair clean from the shower and slicked back, with his tie, of course.

T got the same treatment. He looked on as M did his tie, concentrating hard so that he could do it himself. Afterwards he told me, "I've got it, mom. I totally can do that tie by myself next time."

I was so proud of my handsome boys. They liked being dressed up...until they didn't like being dressed up. Luckily, the liking it part lasted through church and brunch.

Here are all of us posed in the lobby of the restaurant just before we got called in for brunch. What a spread it was! Eggs Benedict, prime rib, shrimp, pastries, lamb, salmon, crab pasta, chicken parmesan, and lots of desserts.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Yummo, I'm still drooling after reading what was on the brunch spread! My handsome grandsons . . . oh my, those ties and dress shirts are beautiful. And I can't wait for T to show me how he can tie his own tie, I bet he truly can.

What a handsome family, indeed!

A.J. said...

The first tie pictures brought tears down my cheeks! So cute! Oh, my darling baby nephews are so growing up. So very darling.

Aunt Patty said...

What a dear story, made me teary to see how grown up and handsome and sweet those boys are. Very nice picture of the whole family. One to really cherish.

jennavar said...

You all are sure looking spiffy! I love the ties. Very handsome indeed.