Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cub Scout Overnight

M was in charge of a wonderful Cub Scout overnight. It was all day on Saturday and then they spent the night. He did a good job of delegating (tough for him to do) so that he had four sets of parents in charge of four different one-hour activities during the day. The theme was native Americans and each boy was assigned to one of three tribes. When they arrived, they were given a blank neckerchief and told to think of their Indian name and decorate their neckerchief with that name. They also decorated slides to hold their neckerchief on -- and they got beads throughout the day to add to their slide.

As with all Cub Scout meetings, the flag ceremony is a very important part. There were 19 kids in all during the day. Not a bad turn out in the summer for a pack that has 25 kids in total.

R poses with a group of Cub Scouts who are excited to start their day of fun (R is in grey with a green neckerchief.) Each tribe has a different color neckerchief -- two tribes' colors are represented here.

I did a lot of the research for M for this outing. Here is T (with yellow neckerchief) playing one of the games I discovered. The kids would throw a feather, run, pick it up and throw it again until they made it to the finish line. You can see T's yellow feather in the air in front of him.

One of the activities was to make a fishing pole out of sticks. M cut down all of the branches for the project and another dad led the activity during the day. R is picking out his lucky fishing pole. It was so lucky that he caught a fish without any bait!

Nothing like a group of boys praying before dinner to warm your heart. (R is in the back in grey and T is in the back center in yellow.)

The kids made "candy apples" in the fire by coring an apple and shoving brown sugar and raisins in it and wrapping in foil. Cook for 15 minutes and voila! Tasty goodness!

Not the best picture, but I wanted you to see the beads that they were able to get throughout the day. T is putting his last bead for the day (given to him for performing in a skit).

After the campfire, there was a quick thunderstorm and then a beautiful rainbow to end the day. I went home to the luxury of my comfy bed (and allergy-free house) while the boys stayed in the tent. A good ending to a great day.


Ken said...

Looks like a great weekend. Way to go Smith team.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

It sure looks like a successful overnight. And 19 out of 25 possible is awesome! Deligating is the best way for a leader to enjoy the event too, so good job Mr. M! And I love the beaded slides for the kerchiefs...and the feather tossing game must have been fun to watch. It's probably pretty hard to control a feather! And prayers and rainbows . . . now really, couldn't get better than that.

R and T are just growing up so dang fast. We gotta figure out when we can get out there.

I think you had the best sleeping arrangement, that's for sure.

Aunt Patty said...

You and M really are a great team! What a neat overnight for those cub scouts. And to catch a fish without any bait is a pretty awesome feat!! Good review and good pictures. I'd be with you in a comfy bed, but bet those scouts loved the tents! It brings back memories of my good old girl scout days and Singing Pines.