Monday, May 12, 2008

One-Man Band

At dinner tonight, T said to me: "Mom, I made a one-man band today with two instruments."
Me: Cool. What instruments did you play?
T: The bongo drums and accordion.
Me(trying to picture this): Wow! How did you do that? Did you play the bongos with your feet?
T: No, I had my arms around the bongo drums, with my hands holding the accordion.
Me (still trying to picture how this works): So, did you play the bongos with your head?
T: No, I played the bongo drum with the accordion! It worked great!

Ahhh, I should have thought of that.

Note on a completely different subject: Thin plastic cutting boards don't work as a baking sheet protector in the oven, even if it looks just like the baking sheet protector you own. It just melts in the oven and stinks up to high heaven.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh Lord, have mercy . . . that must have really "stunk" up your whole house, let alone ruin whatever was on the thin plastic cutting board. Bummer!

Now, about that one-man-band! Oh my! I'm trying oh-so-hard to picture it and just giggle at the sight in my mind. But knowing T, I'm sure he's figured out how it would work. What an awesome imagination. However my second thought is this: Where did he make this one-man-band?... just in his day-dream?

Thanks for the fun stories, I like it when you have the time to post a new blog!

Middle America Mom said...

He made the band in his playroom. He has a little accordian that he loves to play and a little drum (I guess it's a small bongo.) I'll have to have him demonstrate for me.

grandmaonthelake said...

My grandson T is truely talented and a litle silly too!
Your stinky-melted plastic sheet reminded me of Erma Bombeck saying she loved her smoke alarm because it always told her when dinner was ready.
Thanks for the LOL.
PS. I'm back....thanks for your help!

jennavar said...

Oh where oh where did my comment go.. oh where oh where could it be??? Very strang..

I love the imagination on that lil' ole' nephew of mine! Very creative. I would love to see that in action.

Thanks for the tip regarding the thin cutting boards! Hee hee peuwiieee!

Aunt Patty said...

i'm thinking we would all love to see this one man band, and the perfect way would be for Mike to make a video. Wouldn't that be ideal, maybe even put it on U tube, or put it on America's Funniest Home Video's? Thanks for the warning on the thin, plastic cutting board, I was just about to put mine in the oven! Hee! Hee!