Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting Rich on a Garage Sale

Our neighborhood has an annual garage sale. We haven't participated it in the two summers that we've lived here, much to the boys' chagrin. Last year I promised them that we'd participate this year. For the past two weeks we've been scouring through toys, books, clothes, and odds 'n ends to find things to sell. All of the Rescue Heroes are going (sad, I know) because R's been tired of them for two years and T never got into them. That means that we're selling three command centers, five vehicles and about 30 action figures themselves. We have a lot more toys to sell besides those. The whole idea of garage sale pricing is lost on the boys -- they want to sell things for their brand-new retail value. We've gotten it down though, and price stickers are on -- action figures for twenty five cents, vehicles for one dollar, and command centers for five dollars -- we are priced to sell! It's supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow and I want to be cleaned out by noon -- or two at the latest. In addition to all the stuff we're selling, T is running (with R's help) a lemonade and cookie stand. I had to talk him down from the one-dollar-a-cup price he was going for (we're down to a quarter a cup) and he's pretty excited.

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh I wish I could be there to help with the lemonade stand. I did that when I was a kid many times, only we sold our drinks for a nickle ... that's right—five cents! per cup! And what a good idea to have cookies too. Good luck everybody! And with that kind of heat the lemonade stand should be a hit. Hope you have lots of ice!

I miss the comments too! That's part of the fun of Blogging. I know that AJ is heading to Baja for ten days, and your sister is getting ready for her family-camp vacation, so it may just be me for a while. But I'm a loyal fan, through and through!

Love you all . . . have a great time tomorrow and I hope you're sold out by noon!

(I'm sure you've explained to the kids that if they sell just the Rescue Heroes stuff they'll make nearly thirty bucks!)

SeattleS said...

I'm here! I'm here!
I hope you have a good time with the garage sale. I have given up on them and now just put the stuff out with a free sign, but I bet it would be much more enjoyable to have a whole neighborhood involved!
I hope things are well!

jennavar said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes. I remember when the boys were into rescue heroes, we found a garage sale that were selling the action heroes for fifty cents each. I was estatic (as were the boys). I love finding garage sales like the one you're having. I can NEVER pass up a lemonade sale either. Even if it is warm, water downed kool aid lemonade. I'll still buy it. Yes I should be getting ready for our family camp. But as always, I'm procrastinating.

A.J. said...

So! Did you get rich at the garage sale? How was the lemondade sales?

Hope it wasn't as hot there as it was here. If it was, you would have closed up shop, I'm sure. We spent the last 2 afternoons at the creek, but blessedly, it cooled off last night.

I'm glad to read the story of R saving his money, as he explained that to me on the phone, but, you know, he talks about 85 miles an hour, and now that I read your blog, I get it!

Hope this google account remembers me, I'm pretty sure I did this once before!