Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter is Here

We've had interesting weather lately. In early October, it snowed 6 inches -- EARLY OCTOBER, as in BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY -- it snowed. Crazy! That was all the talk in these parts, for a couple of weeks. Even now, in early December, you might catch someone saying, "remember that October snow storm? It was a doozy." So, after that early snow, we had beautiful weather in October and November -- it was in the 60's for a lot of it. Usually it's in the 40's or so in November. So, two weeks ago, M put up the Christmas lights. I think he might have even been wearing shorts 'cause it was in the low 60's. (By the way, don't worry. We aren't THOSE people who have lights on all year or even frightenly early in the season. The way you do it around here is put the lights up before it freezes so that it isn't a life-threatening experience. But you don't turn them on until after Thanksgiving. I remember that just a few days after we moved in two years ago October 20th, M was getting antsy about putting up Christmas lights. I just could not understand it being from California and all when you don't have to worry about ice and stuff.)

Anyway, last weekend it was in the 60's and today it was 32 degrees. December came in like a lion with an amazing ice storm. Except for the fierce danger and all, I really love ice storms because everything, I mean everything is so beautiful! The whole neighborhood turns into a fairytale. Every single tree is covered in ice, which makes them look magical. They are all coated in a beautiful, shiny, ice covering that shines and twinkles in the snow. It took my breath away to look at the woods in our backyard. (Unfortunately, M had the camera today and I couldn't take a picture. Hopefully we'll have another ice storm so I can share the wonder with you.) The danger of the ice storm is the downed power lines and fallen trees, but as long as nobody gets hurt and folks aren't out of electricity for too long, I totally think it's worth it!) Because of the bad weather, the boys got a Snow Day yesterday. R was jumping up and down with joy and T was bummed because he loves Kindergarten. He soon got over his disappointment when he learned that R was going to be home to play with them. They helped M bring all of the Christmas decorations up from the basement, so I put most of them out today. I love how the house looks with Christmas up!

Today was a good day in the Smith household. T had his first hockey game -- usually he just has drills and practices. Although he claims to not like hockey, he had a huge smile on his face the whole time he played. He even got a goal! R had a good hockey practice too, ending it with a red, sweaty face, smiling as always. After hockey, I came home with T and made three gallons of hot cocoa for M to take to an outdoors Cub Scout outing. It was at the local Boy Scout camp and the older scouts ran the activities of the day -- archery, bb gun target shooting, tomahawk throwing (do you see a weapon theme here for some reason??) crafts and games. They had a blast! R even earned his bb gun badge because he was such a good shot -- he needed to get 35 points to get the badge and he got 37. Way to go R!

I leave tomorrow for a business trip to LA. I have an 8:30 AM meeting there on Monday, so I have to travel on Sunday. I hate traveling on the weekend, but the bonus of this trip is that I get to visit my sister! She's going to meet me at my hotel and we'll have some time together, which will be great.

Here is a picture of R learning how to throw the Tomahawk.

Remember when T did the Aboriginal Art last month? Here is his masterpiece.


A.J. said...

have a good trip, sweetie, and have fun with your sista! I absolutely love the artwork by T! I would think you're planning on framing that one! I would love a print, actually!

Hope the weather is good enough for a good flight out. Thanks for the winter wonderland update. Love ya.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I'd love to see a picture of the ice storm - I bet it is spectacular. And T's painting is a real winner too. Have a blast with your sistah - wish I could be there too!

A.J. said...

Tee hee hee! I just read your ma's comment, "Wish I could be there!" She and I were both stringing you along a bit, because we both knew the surprise!

I have the pic of T and the artwork on my desktop now, I sure love it. Maybe he'll do one for his dear A.J. maybe for her b-day in Feb.! XOXO

Middle America Mom said...

You guys did string me a long and did a good job of keeping the secret! We had a great time!