Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So Much To Blog, So Little Time

I used to always blog when the boys were taking their nightly bath - a nice 15-20 minutes that I had to myself and the computer.

Things have changed -- R takes showers now, often in the mornings.

While T takes his bath, R reads to me. Then we continue with our regular night-time routine -- get pjs on, brush teeth, R's allergy meds, books, song, bed. So, you see, my blogging time has disappeared. I have to find a new time for me to blog. I'm working on it....

  • R is doing great in school (he's literally at the top of the class in math, science, reading, and social studies) but he still gets stressed out on Sunday nights. He gets a variety of aches and pains in anticipation of a long 5-day week of school -- poor boy. But, the time that these pains last is much shorter than before -- they last 10-20 mintues now versus the 3-4 hours that they used to last!
  • T is a happy boy and a lot of fun. He still loves dogs, steam trains, and art. As a matter of fact, the other day he and I sat down to so some painting and I asked him what he wanted to paint. "Well, I want to get a really old piece of wood and do an aboriginal painting on it." "Really?" I said, "what is aboriginal painting?" "Oh, it's the kind of art that the aboriginese in Australia do. I saw it on that TV show that I watched with Dad." So he proceded to do this cool art piece using lots of dots -- as he was doing it, he said, "this is kind of like stipling, but bigger." When I asked him when he learned about stipling, he told me that I taught him. Good for me! My camera isn't working right now, when I get it up and running, I'll take a picture of the aboriginal art piece that is on display in our kitchen right now.
  • Both boys are having fun in hockey/skating (remember, T doesn't want to play hockey, but he does want to know how to skate.) R even played goal tender at the last game and had a blast.
  • M and I went to a BNL concert a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. We ran into one of his cousins and she offered us ticketst to a concert in Chicago that is tomorrow night. We got Uncle D and future Aunt J to babysit and we're going! It will be a blast!
  • Today is the first day of deer season, so M is out freezing in the blind that he and Mr H built. Hoepfully he doesn't come home empty handed -- that venison summer sausage we had last year was great!


Ken said...

Hi S, good to have the up date. Sounds like you have a pretty happy family at the moment. That's great!
I'm looking foward to you getting you camra fixed. lol - Don't forget to take a photo of the deer that Mike bags. Love you all! Dad

A.J. said...

Oh R takes showers now!? The end of an era! An adorable era that of course had to end sometime! Is that okay with T? Nice to have that special time with R, too, and that explains the no blogging in a while.

The art discussion and the things that little artist said just blew me away. Oh please don't forget to show us all that Aboriginal art! Kind of like stippling, too much! XOXO to all.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Wow - can't believe your Dad beat me to commenting! Great blog . . . can't wait to see the Aboriginal art—what a creative boy that T is (I think he takes after his Grammy with his nothing-to-it-but-to-do-it attitude).

Your standard blogging time has been interrupted but I'm glad you've found a few minutes to squeeze in a good update.

And I'm thrilled R's allergy meds plus his new glasses and sessions are helping him. He's such a brilliant and great kid.

You scored in the BNL concert with a "built in" baby sitter. I know you'll have a blast.

Venison Summer Sausage . . . yummo?

GreatAuntieP said...

Good to have the update, and nice to hear all the good news about both those dear boys! Pretty sharp and creative those two are!! I don't even know what stippling is!! Will have to look it up. What a riot !!

SeattleS said...

I really hope that I will get to meet these two creative guys sometime!
BNL? I love BNL! They put on a great show...that is, if we are talking about the same "ladies"...
I, too, would like to see the aboriginal art shots once you get the camera going again.
And btw - I hear ya about the lack of blogging time! :-)