Saturday, October 07, 2006

What a Difference Some Specs Make!

R is almost a new boy. We picked up his cool new glasses on Wednesday and he is thrilled with them. He had them on in the car and was looking at some of his hockey cards (he's collecting them.) Here's an excerpt from our in-car conversation:

Me: How are those glasses doing R?

R: Mom, they're great! Everything is brighter now!

Me: Great, can you read those hockey cards better?

R: Yeah, I can even read the tiny letters where it says "goal tender" and "center" now. And I can read those Canadian last names that are hard to read.

Me: Great! I'm glad you like them and that they help.

R: I know, it's like I'm looking through a telescope at my hockey cards. Everything is close up and brighter. It's like it was dull before and now it's not. The words look cleaner or something.

Me: (By now I had tears streaming down my smiling face.) I'm so glad for you R. I'm so glad for you

I've had tears a few times this past week for R. Tears of happiness that my boy can see so clearly and he's clearly so much happier. I've had tears of sadness that he has had to go through this tough time and we didn't even know there was a problem. But the tears of happiness outnumber those of sadness, by far. This part of his vision problem is such an easy problem to fix -- glasses. It's that simple -- glasses. We're still working on the other part of his vision problem, and now that he has glasses to correct two of his vision issues, it will be much easier to just focus on one thing instead of three.

Oh, and by the way, here is his dinner time prayer the first night that he got the glasses:

Dear God, thank you for my great glasses. They make it so I can see everything brighter and that's really good. Thank you for them too because I don't have headaches anymore and I'll be able to have good nights of sleep. Amen.

The psychological effect of getting the glasses cannot be denied. He had only worn them for about twenty minutes before he said this prayer -- and he believed that he would no longer have the headaches. Wouldn't you know it, he hasn't had a headache since getting them -- or a stomach ache either :>

He also loves them at school. He only needs to wear them for "up close work" -- so reading and writing. Basically, he wears them in the class room, but not at recess or at gym. He says that things are a lot easier now and that he can even see everything the teacher writes on the board AND he can see his papers up close.

I say, Thank You God, for giving my great boy clear vision!

(Note: My camera is acting goofy when I use the flash, so I put this picture in B&W. I'll take a color one outside so you can see the color of his glasses, which is green, his favorite color.)


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh my ...gotta blow my nose after reading this one S. I love R's new glasses. And I can tell by his smile that he is pretty happy with them too. Thank you, Lord, for R's fabulous parents and awesome doctors who fixed his problem of seeing clearly. Glasses! How simple was that? I'm so glad the fired is out in his belly, too.

gramonthelake said...

New hair style + New glasses +
A New ability to see clearly =
A huge smile on R's face!
How cool is that?
We are smiling too because we're very happy for all of you.

A.J. said...

The new glasses look way cool! So darn cute I can hardly stand it. So very happy to hear how much better his vision is now and how much better he is feeling, too! Wonderful news!

v-party of five said...

OH WOW!! Are you one handsome kid or what! I'm so glad that they are making you see things better and making things look "cleaner".. I love it! Tears brimming here too!

GreatAuntieP said...

Those glasses look very handsome R, I'll bet they look really good if they are green!! Way to go R!!